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What is the diffence between your 102LED and your 50LED white Christmas lights?

The only difference between our 102 LED and 50 LED white Christmas lights is that the 50 LED have 17 feet of lights while the 102 LED have 37 feet of lights.

Christmas Lights to Spread the Holiday Cheer!

Solar Christmas lights are the way to go this Holiday season if you are looking to add some decoration to your home, but not break the bank!  Now you don’t have to worry about the hassle of a high electric bill from hanging Christmas lights.  With Silicon Solar’s Christmas Lights you can have all of [...]

Check Out Our TruePower Cabin Solar Kits!

Silicon Solar Inc has long been the forerunner in the design, manufacture and distribution of solar technology online through their website;  Now, Silicon Solar has expanded their product line to include a new series, the TruePower cabin solar kits. These kits, available through the company’s website are the next step in helping people around [...]

Our GridMaxx Series Grid Tie Solar Kits!

A world leader in the solar energy field for the last fourteen years, Silicon Solar Inc is excited about the recent launch of an exciting new product line; a series of grid-tie solar kits, with different sizes and prices to meet every need and budget. The grid-tie kits, known as the GridMaxx Series kits, are [...]

Our Bestselling EnviroLight!

Silicon Solar Inc, the manufacturer, designer, and distributor of more than 300 unique solar products, has upgraded one of its best selling product lines, their solar billboard lighting systems.  Our new EnviroLight, builds on the tremendous success of the company’s first generation billboard lighting systems, and offers additional value and performance with several key upgrades. [...]

Town of Sidney Installs a Sign Light!

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What is the difference between Grid Tie and Off Grid solar systems?

Grid Tie means that your solar system is hooked into the utility company, which means the utility company stores the energy. Off the grid means you are not connected to the utility company, which means you must store the energy in batteries.

Are there any other deals to go with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Right now for a limited time only you can get the deals on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, plus an additional 50% off if you call our sales reps at 1-800-786-0329!!

Is there any incentives or tax breaks in my state if I install Solar PV?

If there is a tax break or incentive for installing solar PV it depend on the state in which you reside.  Here is a website you can go to to find out all tax incentives and federal programs within your state for renewable energy.